The Association submits proposals to the MPGM and the PEUI regarding the Sagrada Familia site

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The COAC has made proposals to the 'Modification of the General Metropolitan Plan to adjust the qualification of the section of Carrer Provença that coincides with the block on which the Sagrada Família stands' and to the 'Special Comprehensive Urban Plan for the Sagrada Família', approved by the Ecology, City Planning and Mobility Commission of Barcelona City Council and published in the BOPB of 17 December, 2018.

The text of these proposals was drawn up in conjunction with members of AAUC (Urban Planning Architects’ Association of Catalonia) and AADIPA (Association of Architects for the Defence and Intervention in Architectural Heritage).

Content of the proposals
The modification of the PGM is motivated by the need to adjust qualification limits to make it viable to execute the overall Temple project, but, in the opinion of the COAC, this is confined to a very specific and insufficient area, given that it does not resolve the continuation of the Temple into Carrer Mallorca, where the intention is to erect the Glory Façade and the main entrance stairway. It is therefore missing the opportunity to reach a definitive solution for the Temple in this part of the city.

The extensive area affected, running from Carrer Mallorca to Carrer Aragó and involving more than 50% of two city blocks in the Eixample, has spent over 40 years in a state of transition that affects the lives of the people of Barcelona. The Association believes that the modification of the PGM and the PEUI must tackle and resolve this transitional status.

Proposal for debate
The complexity of the issues raised and the legal, technical and economic implications require a wide-ranging debate that guarantees the participation of every stakeholder involved. It is equally necessary to open this debate up to the local population with regard to both the monumental complex itself and its repercussions in terms of  civic harmony, housing, economic activity and the city’s international image.

Therefore, the Association requests that a new, open and wide-ranging participative process is initiated that includes debate to arrive at the most appropriate urban solution for the monumental complex of the Sagrada Família and, specifically, solves the existing transitional status of zone 17-6 between the streets of Mallorca and Aragó.

Text of the proposal
Download the proposal document.