Training in mediation in the field of architecture, construction and urban planning

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Mediation is a process based on a method of peaceful conflict resolution in which a third party, mediator, helps interested parties to find the best solution for everyone.

It is a very quick and economical way to resolve conflicts.

Mediation has a large presence in most European countries and others such as the United States, Canada and Argentina. I has already been implemented in our society. It is a resource that is often offered in schools, and that will necessarily become the first choice in front of a conflict.


The mediator does not play judge or arbitrator. Mediator does not decide neither impose anything, but listens and helps interested parties to find by themselves the best solution through dialogue.

Mediation does not finish with winners or losers, but with people who, having freely agreed a solution, will have a higher probability to respect it over time and establish good relationships between them.


Mediators must have an officially recognized university diploma, which is complemented with specific preparation techniques.

The background knowledge of mediator facilitates the understanding of the problems exposed and therefore makes him able to drive the process right.

Around Architecture all kinds of conflicts are generated: building process, uses of buildings and urban space, inheritages, limits, immission, planning and execution planning ... All those are fields in which problems are technically complex, so  architects, acting as mediators, become a significant value.

At the same time, the intervention of a mediator-architect can help in conflict prevention in processes that are traditionally problematic.


Architects Forensic Experts Association, with Pompeu Fabra University, has prepared a special training for architects, making them able to confront conflicts  from the technical knowledge of methods of emotional and personal relationships management.

Given the changes in Horizontal Property Act and the approach of Rehabilitation, Urban Regeneration and Renewal Act, it's expected mediator's figure will become essential for the effective management of interventions in built and inhabited city.

So, AAEPFC offers to architects the opportunity to be prepared to provide this service, that, in all likelihood, society will end up needing.

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