Lecture by architect Taku Sakaushi at the COAC

© Taku Sakaushi
On July 23rd Japanese architect Taku Sakaushi will give a lecture at the COAC Auditorium, with the title Connections. Architect Enric Massip-Bosch will introduce the event.

Architect Taku Sakaushi, born in Tokyo, is a Professor at Tokyo University of Science, and has lectured at Shinshu University, Waseda University and Tokyo University. He has recently been awarded the International Award by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design for his last work in Japan, the Pine Gallery in Mito.

Kazuo Shinohara, as he designed Fissure Space, wrote that although Fissure Space looks like it disconnects spaces on both sides, in fact it creates a connection between those spaces. That`s true indeed. It is normally thought that continuity between two points should be stronger with nothing in between than with something. If there is something it breaks the continuity. 
But is that true? Although physically it seems true, psychologically it is not always true. It could be said that something between two spaces sometimes could work as the device which connects them. 
Isn't architecture something that attains this kind of connection? 
Isn't it the main role of architecture to connect people with people, people with things and things with things?

Watch video of the lecture:
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