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  • The COAC Historical Archive is coll

    The COAC Historical Archive is coll

    The Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA)  and the company Aurea Cultura are organising the exhibition entitled ‘Antoni Gaudí. Barcelona’, which can be seen between 22 May and 10 September in the Russian capital.

  • Presentation of the verdict of the

    Presentation of the verdict of the

    On 20 April, at a public event held at the Architects’ Association, the most outstanding works selected in the 2nd Mostra d’Arquitectura Internacional Catalana (International Catalan Architecture Exhibition) were revealed. The exhibition’s purpose is to record, highlight and divulge the work of Catalan architects outside Spain in the last few years.

  • COAC and Barcelona City Council pre

    COAC and Barcelona City Council pre

    The Dean of the Architects’ Association of Catalonia, Lluís Comerón, and the councillor for Architecture, Urban Landscape and Heritage at Barcelona City Council, Daniel Mòdol, have presented Architecture Week 2017, an initiative organised by the two institutions and the Mies van der Rohe Foundation with the collaboration of Barcelona Building Construmat and ArquinFAD. 

  • The 'Aftermath' exhibitio

    The 'Aftermath' exhibitio

    After representing Catalonia at the 15th Venice Biennale, the exhibition "Aftermath_Architecture beyond architects" is now being shown at the Arts Santa Monica Centre, in Barcelona."Aftermath_Architecture beyond architects" focuses on lived-in architecture when the architects are no longer present and users continue the architectural experience every day. 

  • Architects Tusquets, Clotet and Par

    Architects Tusquets, Clotet and Par

    The architects Òscar Tusquets, Lluís Clotet and Ignacio Paricio have donated their documentary holdings to the Archive of the Architects’ Association of Catalonia.

  • The European Award for Intervention

    The European Award for Intervention

    Once again, the Association of Architects for the Defence and Intervention in Architectural Heritage (AADIPA) and the Architects' Association of Catalonia (COAC) have announced the opening of registration for the 3rd edition of the European Award for Intervention in Architectural Heritage AADIPA.

  • Eva Franch: "New perspectives

    Eva Franch: "New perspectives

    Transgressive. Even “uncomfortable”, the Dean of COCA, Lluís Comerón, went on to say about Eva Franch’s conference. Architect and curator, Franch is Chief Curator and Executive Director of the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York. Based in said city, her professional practiced is characterised by relating experimental art forms, design and architecture.

  • Josep Lluís Mateo: "Architectu

    Josep Lluís Mateo: "Architectu

    The Architecture Congress asked Josep-Lluís Mateo for a reflection on the values of architecture. This was a challenge not without difficulties, as COAC’s Dean, Lluís Comerón, acknowledged. But Mateo rose to the occasion with a lot of precision, serenity and, why not, also intimacy. He made it “abstract” and not from his personal of professional point of view, he explained.

  • Beatriz Colomina: "There is a

    Beatriz Colomina: "There is a

    The last lecture of the closing ceremony of the Architecture Congress was that of Beatriz Colomina, a PhD architect; a historian and a theorist specialised in the relationship between architecture, users and the media; and professor of History and Theory of Architecture and Director of the postgraduate program at Princeton University.